'Teen: I’m thankful for my mom, women leaders like

for my mom, women leaders like

The first doll

that I ever received was right before Thanksgiving

It wasn’t

the “normal” Barbie that many of my friends had, with straight blond hair and

Instead, my

new toy was part of Mattel’s new career doll line

However, during

Thanksgiving almost 10 years later, I look back on all the key milestones in my life

Growing up, I

was constantly surrounded by positive female role models

Adults whom

I looked up to and who showed me the true definition of “girl power

My mother, a

second-wave feminist, never failed to inspire me with the brave way she faced life

But other

sources of representation also made a difference to me

As someone

who read the news, I understood that most of the politicians with power were men

As a result,

I idolized the women in leadership positions I was exposed to

It may be Thanksgiving

to you but it’s a national