'It may be Thanksgiving to you but it’s a

Thanksgiving to you but it’s a

The commonly known

holiday of Thanksgiving is a day that has plagued Indigenous communities from being able

The infamous

story of Pilgrims and Indians eating together in harmony is just exactly that, a story

Therefore, the beginning

of Thanksgiving had nothing to do with the infamous story that we now grow

Also, it

was not until the New England states started to record their state’s history that

It was

a tactic to hide the genocide the settlers inflicted on Indigenous Nations and to portray

However, the educational

system has falsified the history of this event and has portrayed it to children

Indigenous history and

culture have been silenced or portrayed falsely for centuries and it is time the

I also urge

you to get to know the local tribal Nations in your area

In New

Jersey, there are three tribal Nations; the Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Nation of South Jersey, the Ramapo

We are

still here and we welcome everyone to learn more about us

So much to be

thankful for in Hudson County music