'Giants’ coach Brian Daboll sometimes regrets his sideline outbursts

Daboll sometimes regrets his sideline outbursts

By now, it’s

not a secret that Brian Daboll can lose his temper at times

We saw

it opening day in Tennessee after Daniel Jones threw a fourth-quarter interception in the end

Jones calmly handled

the criticism and said a few days later that it’s his job to “

Jones has

thrown only one interception since and that was six games ago against the Dallas Cowboys

“I think he

was just communicating that it was a costly mistake and we can’t afford

There’s a

lot of communication back and forth, so I understood it and you have to

There is

emotion in a situation like that at the end of a game

He’s an

emotional guy – passionate and enthusiastic – and I think that’s what makes him such



Daboll has said

since then that he sometimes wishes he had Jones’ calm, cool demeanor when things

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