'Ex-NFL head coach warns Giants could be better next

warns Giants could be better next



Former NFL offensive

coach Marty Mornhinweg looks ahead to the Giants next season, via The 33rd Team:

He’s just

skyrocketed the expectations for not only this year, but the future of the New

From game

plan, to the bounce of a ball, to an official’s call to how you

How good

your special teams are, how good your kicker and punter are

However, great

players make great plays right at the right moment

It’s good

for the future of the Giants that they’re winning close games

I would

juts caution their fans, keep this in the back of your mind that at some

This season’s narrative

has focused more on a potential breakout year from quarterback Daniel Jones  and

In Sunday’s 24-16

win over the Houston Texans, Jones completed 13 of 17 passes for 197 yards and a

N.J. health officials end

COVID dashboard updates on weekends, holidays