'Dear Annie: Sister says ‘no’ to exchanging Christmas gifts

says ‘no’ to exchanging Christmas gifts

She said

that we all either have what we want, or what we need, at our ages

We celebrate Christmas

at her house because she has children, so it’s easier

I mentioned

that we should then forgo birthdays for the same reason


sister gets low marks for consistency in her logic, but her sentiment is a

People often

overemphasize gifts around the holidays, when the real focus should be on family

I’m also

guessing that, since you mentioned she has children, the holidays are a particularly hectic

Forgoing Christmas

shopping probably saves her a whole lot of time and energy

Take the

time and money you usually spend shopping and put it toward planning some fun activities

We got

married and bought a house together and stayed at that house for eight years

However, my father-in-law

approached us and said that he wanted his daughter to live closer to him,

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