'Dear Abby: ‘In my heart I want to go

my heart I want to go

I was

married to him once, then divorced him because of drugs

I have

been remarried for eight years now, to a wonderful man who is good to me,

When we

talked early in the marriage about my needs, he got sullen and said he would “

I contacted

his brother to offer sympathy, and then my ex contacted me

We have

met a couple of times since, and I’m having a hard time deciding what

I can’t

just pack up and leave, but in my heart I want to go back

He has

been clean for three years, free from the drug-related health problems and is not going


relationship you have described with your self-centered husband seems more like a business partnership

From what

you describe, he’s either unwilling or unable to give you what you need

Unless you

like living in an emotional desert, you will have to take charge of your life

What channel is the

Rutgers game on today vs. Michigan