'Court upholds conviction, 18-year sentence of killer who left

18-year sentence of killer who left

An appellate panel

Monday affirmed the trial court conviction and sentence and the denial of post-conviction appeal

He was

sentenced to 18 years in prison, and is eligible to be released in 2029

Browne also appealed

that Hudson County Superior Court Judge John Young erred at sentencing by failing to

“Having previously affirmed

the sentence, we are likewise unconvinced defendant’s cooperation would have led to a

At sentencing, Young

recounted the killing in which Williams was gagged, taped, hooded, bound with electrical cord

Williams was

also beaten with a table leg, struck with an object that left gashes and puncture

Williams was thrown

in the back of a vehicle, and “driven in the dead of night in

1, 2012),

covered with a mattress and then had cinder blocks thrown on him — all while he was alive,”

“He somehow manages

to get out of under that, get himself upright and get within feet of

Browne was one

of six people arrested and charged in connection with the fatal attack that authorities

Jersey City’s Ward F

being left out, not lifted up,