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Stabat Mater by Madrugada

Let’s work together in the coming war
Whatever you hated, I hate it more
Let’s make the arrangements for the big showdown
And cut straight to the core
I got my reasons for the things I do
I’m flying blind here, same as you
I explode into this life with no real purpose
Except Mother Bird said
I loved you, baby
Bring on this message, fly

I’m exactly where I want to be
I may not be overjoyed, but who ever is?
Things are in motion that’s beyond you and me
Let’s sit back, enjoy the ride
Sometimes it feels like we earned it
The little lights
See how they shine for me and you
You’d think that you’d forget sometimes
But how could you?
I got more life left in this heart of mine
There won’t be a million more tomorrows
But there’s still time

To carry on like everything is fine
To sacrifice our children in the jaws of time
It’s really such a fearless and arrogant display
Or it’s just plain stupid
Well you decide, I don’t get it

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