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Spirit Detective 2 by Skyblew

(Verse 1)
Empathize I don’t sympathize with them guys
And they lies in disguise leading eyes to demise
My reprise surprise the minds of the heartless
Who gone be the light in the darkness? That’ll be me
SkyBlew no spaces no hyphen
God’s chosen one to enlightened the frightened
I’m fighting the titans in spiritual form
That you hear about in gospels and biblical poems
Through the eye of the storm I transform the norm
Haunting your dreams but I put hands on both horns
& toss em to the thorns the spirit in my hands
Tryna make a point that you wouldn’t understand
Oh man they got the people blind
Thinking that they don’t exist, now the glitch redefined
But I’m trying to align souls lost in the vortex
Shape em up I figured I could be a corset
Of course they upset I’m at your door step I didn’t leave a pamphlet
I raised the envelope let me stamp it
[Chorus] When demons haunting your dreams, I intervene
I’m the greatest spirit detective you ever seen
Feeling like Yusuke, hear what blew say
On my cloud going up, it ain’t even Tuesday
(Verse 2)
You don’t hear me but demons fear me
As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I’m never weary
What do you believe in, heaven or hell?
Are we blessed or cursed, sometimes you never can tell
But oh well power’s in the mind of the beholder
Weight of the world but carry my brothers on my shoulders
While life gets colder it’s mind over matter
Had voices in my head but never mind the chatter
Ladder to success is harder to climb
When monsters eating at your soul happiness on decline
But I’m sublime my fam got the sword of spirit
Dragging darkness into the flame until I clear it
Like windex I’m aiming at the sin next
I don’t got a gun but book when I point the index
My aura’s from the heavens they feel it when I pass by
Check the method you ain’t gotta ask why

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