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Sometimes Romance by Mason Ashley

I bet the moon is shining bright
And you are drowning in its light
While you’re saying that you miss me
But I’ll bet that you’re just feeling alone
You say you want to take me out
And go where we can paint the town
Tomorrow you’ll forget me
But tonight you say you need me now
Maybe you’re done pretending
Maybe you deserve a chance
Or maybe you’re just lonely
And I am just your sometimes romance
There you were standing on my porch
Fist full of flowers from the grocery store
With a small hand written letter
Saying you’ll need me forevermore
Maybe you’re done pretending
Maybe you deserve a chance
Maybe you aren’t just lonely
And I’m more than your sometimes romance
I heard you found somebody new
Now it’s been weeks since I’ve seen you
And the flowers that you gave me
All their petals wilted laying in my room
Maybe I’m just pretending
And I know I don’t stand a chance
Maybe I’m just lonely
But I want to be
So let me be your sometimes romance

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