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Sink Your Teeth Into This by Conquer Divide

Hell bent on the past
I’ve become a Martyr for your cause
True revenge
So here’s to the friends I’ve lost
You took what you could get in my expense
So I’ll burn the only bridge that you had left
And, now you’re wondering why you and I are through
‘Cause sorry is a word that you never knew
The foundation
Crumbled to the dust
I got up and brushed it off
I guess you thought you were flawless
Talk is cheap so put your money where your mouth is
Look at me now
Can you stand to see what I’ve become
Follow the masses and fall
All will fall
The war is won
How does it feel to know you threw it away
As you watched my dreams come true
How does it fell to hear ’em screamin’ my name
And and they wont remember you
You put the knife, right in my back
And you lost the best thing you never had
Cast the first stone
We both know it was easy for you
Let it sink in
I built an empire from the stones that you threw
I maintain my pride, in the face of men
Draw me out of nothingness to make me what I am
I guess you walk the path of, Righteousness
Well I hope you drown in the water under the bridge

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