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Show Some Love by BJ Sam

Show Some Love
Some kindness
Let’s make the world
A happy place
Just imagine how beautiful
This world will be glow
With harmony everywhere we go
If we allow true love to flow
But true love is all about giving
Sharing and sacrificing
But look around, you’ll see
People starving, homeless, dying
But don’t you think thos crying out there
Also need to to smile as well
Please what would you do
To put a smile on their face too
Do you know many are dying of rejection,
Injustice & discrimination,
Please let’s put our differences behind
And embrace one another
Enough of bombing, killing and distruction,
Revenge will only bring more harm to this world,
No matter where you come from, no matter your religion,
Please turn around & show some love,
We may be differ in culture,
Yes we may be differ in colours,
We may be differ in tongues
We all created by one GOD
If we begins to show love
D rich wouldn’t oppress d poor anymore,
If we begins to show love,
We’ll no reason to fight more war

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