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Seven Was My Song In New York by Pootie

How can I rewrite a two une tail?
It seemed it happened every trip there
This isn’t some crate cell of complaints
It’s first wave oppression that needs to end
We had just gotten off the plane
There’s always a few seconds of comfort till I meet all of you
I always thought you were different
But within a few hours I realized you were just like the rest
It’s not my fault that I have nothing to say
It just seems easier to go away
Remember when you picked us up from town?
I didn’t want to go down
When will this all end?
You met us on the floor
Tripping over wedding decor
And whispered in my ear
I got pushed by C.B.
So I turned around to see C.D. outside on the porch
What followed next was something I could not forget
Only lasting ten seconds
Do you remember when you said I was too old for this?
For bowing my head under another ceremony?
Well, I think you’re too old to be throwing punches at waitresses
Too old for getting drunk every chance you get
Maybe I shouldn’t even come around anymore
All you people seem to do is complain about me saying nothing at all
Do you remember when you took my chair?
Do you remember when you said that those were your keys?
What’s with this virtue of nodding and respecting fellow venture capitalists?
Do you really want to know what I think of you?
Because it’s clear what you think of me
You know what’s tearing us apart?
Racism, sexism, capitalism, acneism, conversism, homophobia, transphobia, sl*t-shaming, the meat and dairy industry and killing for a hobby
You say that I need to grow up
But I’m just getting started

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