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Selfish One by Jackie Ross

Selfish one, why keep your love to yourself?
Oh yeah, yeah
It’s like a souvenir that just sits on a shelf
Oh, oh, oh
It seems like you built a fence around your heart and afraid that sharing
Might tear it apart and ya pass up every chance at the start of romance
Oh, oh, oh
Selfish one why keep your love in store? Oh, oh, yeah, yeah
You think it’s steel that will keep forever more, oh, oh, oh
But steel wears out through weather and age
And a heart could break down in a lonely stage
You better let your heart down mate, before it’s too late
You never saw much time pass by, and I find myself still givin’ you the eye
Then you must have realized, cause much to my surprise you’re making eyes at me
Is it really you?
(Musical Interlude)
Now, selfish one you’re walking me to my door
Oh, oh yeah, yeah
Selfish one, you never did this before
Oh, oh, no
Without a chance to resist, your lips met mine
You’re beginin’ to let your love-light shine
I can see that you’re really on the ball
You’re not selfish at all
No-o-o, not at all
Ooh, the way you hold me
Oh, yeah, the way you squeeze me
No, you’re not selfish, no, no, no
You’re not selfish at all
Oooh, not at all
No-o, the way ya kiss me
Don’t ya know that I love the way ya hold me, yeah
No-o-o not at all, no-o-o not at all, no-o-o not at all

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