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Say It by Doc Jazz

I am calling
Calling out into the night
It’s a feeling
That’s been creeping up on me inside
We are moving
But we don’t know what direction
Are we strong and proud
Or just in need of some protection
Bridge & Chorus:
Used to know what we were heading for
Thought we knew how to sail these seas
But it’s not so easy anymore
It’s hard to see the forest through the trees
So say it
Say it to me sweetly
Say it
Say it to me sweetly
Say it
Say it to me sweetly
That it’s all gonna be alright
That time will turn this tide
And there will soon be land in sight
I am hoping
Hoping you don’t get me wrong
You can count on me
No matter what, I’ll always stay strong
I’m still your hero
And the shoulder you can lean on
I just need those words
Cause they’re the fuel that keeps me going strong
In this world gone mad
We’ve been hoping and praying
Holding our ground
No matter what people were saying
But even a man has his moments
When he needs to know where he stands
And only his woman
Can understand

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