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Save Me by The Verve Pipe

Save me
From the surface evergreen
Save me
From the roundabout routine

Lust is dining with the beast
A secret that is kept but often beholden
So save me
I beg you save

Save me tonight
The world is getting colder
Your serum warm
Is softening the pain
Hypnotic breath
And arms around my shoulders
To lead me in

Save me
There are bullets in the field
Save me
Cause I’ve been baptized, I’ve been healed

Poor boy, sins are not erased
They’re never ending haunting like a melody
Save me
I beg you save

Save me tonight
The world is getting colder
I’ve heard it said
That peace is in the vein
We take the bait
With arms around our shoulders
They lead us in

They lead us down
The world is so much cooler
(You are my light, my only one)
The neon lights
The tunnel through the vein
(You are the moon, you are the sun)
We acquiesce the weight upon our shoulders
And find our way
Find a way
Find a way

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