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Russian Band Stand by Spencer & Spencer

Welcome to Russian Band Stand
Dis is your host, Nikita Clarkchev
In Russia almost everybody watches Russian Band Stand
[Machine gun fire] Now everybody watches Russian Band Stand!
Heh, heh, heh
Next is number one song in Russia
[Gibberish Russian song] (But we don’t like that song! )
You got to like that song, it’s number one song!
(But we don’t like…)
[Machine gun fire] Who else doesn’t like that song?
(I don’t like…)
[Machine gun fire] (… any… other… song)
Too late, comrade!
Now, anybody else don’t like?
(We like that song)
All right, now a word from our sponsor
You better listen!
Play that stroganoff, new schwachling cigarette
Each cigarette two puffs
That’s all you got time for
Work twenty two hours a day, so cline
Is only cigarette with microphone filter
So be careful comrade, secret police are listening
Is only cigarette I smoke, right Comrade Mamarelichev?
Right, is only cigarette you can buy
Next on Russian Band Stand is country’s number one singing star, Nikita Presleychev
What are you going to sing, Nikita?
[Gibberish Russian song] No, that’s wrong song
[Machine gun fire] Tomorrow we have new number one singing star
Tomorrow we have new number one song
Hey comrade, we are secret police
Tomorrow we have new host on Russian Band Stand

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