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Roger That by Young Soulja The Realest

I’m in love with a strippa, no
Step up in the club and just shake your freakin’ fro
Goin’ hyphy with my eyes on you
Move your body like a gypse girlwould do
I’ll make you sweat like u runnin’ in a marathon
And give you all this beef like I’m anti-farricon
You got a number, then hit me with the text
And take it to the house so we could do this triple x
I gotta secret lemmie whisper in ya ear
It’s like the clothing brand baby have no fear
It’s hella long and it hang like a snake
I know you hella want it like some money in the bank
You don’t need dmx to get it on the floor
When I hit the g-spot just say 10-fo
Yes, now she tellin’ all her friends
And treat it like a re-run and we’ll doit again
I said, see you in the club don’t be scared to holla back
Give you seven digets girl, you roger that
I that roger that, roger that that she roger that, she gon roger that
If I text you on your phone, then you better text back
Time is hella precious girl, you roger that
I that roger that, roger that she roger that, she gon roger that
Take you to the crib girl youn knowin’ where it’s at
Unzip the zipper, like roger that I that roger that
Roger that she roger that, she gon roger that
[Verse two]:
I’m in the club and I’m feelin’ like yee
Allbn white nikes with a coke white tee
I’m in the crowd and I’m lookin’ for the kiddy cat
Not in a cage so tell me where it’s really at
Slim in the waist but behind is lookin’really phat
Treat it like a punching bag, I wanna get a hit of that
Got the trojon, keep it fitted like a doger hat
In and out like fast food baby do u roger that
[Verse three]:
Oh kay I’m feelin’ this track and I’m feelin’ shawty
And I know she’s been good so she get naughty
The new freaks of the industry we party
It ain’t krakin’ in this b**ch if it ain’t about we(naa)
But it’s krakin’ in this b**ch if it is about she(mo skills)
So the toes gon curl, and the tounges gon lick
Let me do the thinkin’ put your head on my(horse noise)
Go ahead tell ya girls cuz I need new flavors
She came back with a smile, like I need a favor
Okay ha yea ok

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