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Rock ‘n’ Roll Hippie by Tiffany Hulse

[Verse 1] Hasn’t been too long since I’ve rock ‘n’ rolled.
I just can’t help that it’s in my soul.
From the time I get up, ‘til the time I go to bed,
That rock ‘n’ roll music’s swimming in my head.

[Chorus] I’m a rock ‘n’ roll hippie, like it or not.
I love to sing my folk songs, and rock around the clock.
All of you have a bit of hippie in you, too.
So get up and dance, and kick off your shoes.
[Verse 2] Well, every day since the day I was born,
My heart’s been a-beatin’ to a rock ‘n’ roll song.
Now you might contest, that it’s totally wrong.
But this hippie’s got a right to sing her song.
[Chorus] [Instrumental] [Verse 3] This hippie does have a few words of advice.
Peace, love, rock ‘n’ roll, and always think twice.
Do unto others as they do unto you.
Forgive, forget, and always stay true.

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