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Respirate by Pinegrove

(Three, four)

In acknowledgement
We’re falling back into a dead-end routine
You recommend I breathe
That nothing in this world could unfurl me as completely
A pelican
I crash against the wind feeling elegant
The trees beneath my feet
The confusion rattles me as I try to take it easy (Yeah)

I take it day by day
And just do my best to respirate
We’re having a hard time now
Finding a good way out

When Corona hit
I was already feeling pretty out of it
Frustrated with myself
Frustrated with my fellows, all of them meant well
But that does not allow
For any of the things that we just talked about
The space between the trees
The patience that you need for real clarity to reach you, yeah

So take it day by day
And just do your best to respirate
You’re having a hard time now
Finding a good way out

Well me also but
No one’s gonna rescue us
No one’ll care if we spend our lives up
But I care now
I’m not going to let you down

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