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Put Me On by Rickie Jacobs

When I smoke weed, you get high
Cause I know you like it

Say, when you get a text and you
Don’t reply. I know you like it!
Just know that 757 in the sky,
Cause I know you like it
Got three ghetto queens in the ride
Yeah, I know they like it

Just know, radio loud? You hear my voice
Groupie chicks get very moist
I get on reps and I scare these boys
Dressed n all black, to bury boys
Meanwhile, my whole mean wid it
The machine ain’t even mad and she clean dishes
He cook stick and the green fishes
My flow dumb, Mr. Bean, get it?
I ain’t one of those local dudes
The people hate, what I’m ‘possed to do?
I’m just tryna make global view
Coup a big condo with an ocean view
When i was 16 I spit 24’s
I’m 27, spitting crack rocks
Uncle Sam tryna catch my ass
He don’t know that I’m a half knot?
Suicide doors in my dreams
She owns any’s, I own E’s
I’m in gas, blowing grass
They don’t ask, got how I mean?
Chop the school with hell yeah
This spot of music, f**k the world,
While I’m parting with it
Don’t push me, you’re not that stupid
Or I’m a looser

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