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Promethian by Versus Affect

Paint the sky blood-red, throw it down on me
Lift the oceans up, spew them out on me
Shake the earth beneath, make it crack on me
Drop the stars above, let them rain on me
I’ve seen hope in this
So if this kills me, then let it
A voice from within, struck me down, screaming
“You can run to the light, but can’t hide the darkness in you
So there’s just one way out of this
You found answers, but lost yourself along the way”
This map made me sail in circles
Crooked compass showed the way
The helm is spinning by the force of the waves
My pendulum has stopped it’s motion
Punishment is given now
Candle has been lit from both ends
Rising from the ashes
Born anew
Wings like fire
Rising from the depths
Born anew
Core ice cold
All variations of fear cease to exist
Blood starts boiling in my veins
I can’t walk straight and I’ve lost my skill to speak
Clarity forever gone, serenity never to be found, purity lost long ago
What if I’m full of regret? No. Rather forever drowned in a dream than
Giving up all that matters
And I promise you that we will walk on those fields one day
We will breathe our lungs full of that sweet fresh air
Let the sunlight clear the way, for these are the days of golden

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