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Pirate’s Son by Tiffany Hulse

Ships sailing out in the ocean,
Birds flying high in the sky.
There’s an old man who’s neither rich or poor,
Who’s not afraid to die.
‘Cause he’s living life like a pirate’s son,
Never worries about what he’s said or done.
The jolly roger flies and the cannons roar,
‘X’ marks the spot in the sand on shore.
He surrounds himself with sailors,
They get along just fine.
He tells them tales of long ago,
When the trade ships lined the coastline.
[Chorus] He staggers home from the tavern,
Three sheets to the wind.
The buccaneers at the bar they enjoy his tales,
And each buy him a bottle of gin.
[Chorus] He lives down on his sailboat,
It’s anchored in the bay.
And when he falls asleep, he then starts to dream,
About the stories he’ll tell the next day.

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