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Pink Butterfly by Mikko Siikavesi

Stop spinning around and introduce yourself
I feel funny with all these colours in my head
I tried to take a picture of the feeling I had
When my rare coloured shadow was dancing with someone else
Her world was all black and white, I couldn’t believe my eyes
I’ve been away for a while and now the mail stack scr*pe the sky
The walls are closing in, put helmet on the sky is falling
I think they’re after me and it feels
It feels that I’m drifting
I cannot control this
Pink butterfly
Pink butterfly
Pink butterfly
Pink butterfly
God came to me with a note and a shotgun
While laughing he asked me, hey boy are we having fun?
I said I am not like your son
So please excuse me while I play with my demons
This life’s not a miracle to me
And I cannot control all my feelings
No I’m not all me
Are you listening?
I said I am not all me
Pink butterfly
Pink butterfly
Pink butterfly
Pink butterfly

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