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Pay The Price by Four Owls

[Verse 1] Now if you gon’ take advice, then you pay the price
Wanna be on top? Well, you gotta work day and night
Take yo time, take control, you can seize your faith
Don’t waste time with those who don’t appreciate
Tryna impress (who?) they don’t really share your pain
Plus, it’s really really work what you’re prepared to pay
Don’t give your soul away, don’t put a price on it
Gotta be happy with the life you live, why is it?
Rappers bang great groupies and they think they’re heavy
But you’re hittin’ chicks every other rapper hit already
Cool, but if you’re slidin’ in a more dunk
Then you bout to pay the price when yo dick falls off
Learn that lesson and know that you betta plan
Someone can stay young live in neve Netherlands
Lack proof, tryna face off that we sowed the hands
Pay the price what we take, or you won’t get it back
[Verse 2] You can pay the price, the more ways, the money up
f**k recordin’, come and stab me in mi back
Only it’s that gully, take you off the map like some countries
For the bad songs and people ban the war would do just anything
Gettin’ disrespectful when their bodies want [?] Some will find love and others only found the wedding ring
Won’t come an equivalent when you’re sniffin’ ketamine
Think it don’t affect them, tho dependence springs the evidence
Benevolence is everything, no mythical like Nifolin
Always have the arguments, but no-one ever settles them
Caught up in the crossfire cuz the methylin all paralyzed
Drink and drive, crash and die, pay the price with the life
Think about the actions, boy, saw the act, none satisfies(?!)
Lack of part I despise when you try to pay the price
Weapons and communals in my rhymes, don’t try to bagatellize
Cuz that sh*t will backfire like shooting drugs in camera sand
[Hook] If you wanna be a bad man or a rogue (then you pay the price!)
Following dreams or fool’s gold (then you pay the price!)
Turn the [?] somethin’ that you can’t hold (then you pay the price!)
(You pay the price! Then you pay the price! You pay the price!)
If you get in too deep for your boots (then you pay the price!)
Neva man up, don’t wanna tell the truth (then you pay the price!)
Always comin’ up a Venice goose (then you pay the price!)
(You pay the price! Then you pay the price!)
[Verse 3] Heads or tails, but we ain’t gamblin’
Make the entrance for these ramblings
Love’s a b**ch, rescue the damsel
Now lose her and start lamping
You’re overgrown, stop trambling
The underdogs will make you pay the cost
Hold you to ransom
If you know you frontin’, why you jumpin’?
All I’m sayin’ is know your worth and know your function
Overestimate me, get you over before you’ve spoken
They’ll neva let you through the door to the venue
Like all of your money’s broken
Now watch and get your spot taken
This world, she’s not patient
Kick you out like another military occupation
Choppin’ all yo stupid statements, lackin’ operation
And holdin’ you accountable like you’re under investigation
Decapitation, came for the brain and heads
The entrance fee was givin’ a f**k less for the bread
Told ’em bring my wallet
Lettin’ their muffs feed on the french [?] Woof the typo road between what I think and what I’ve said
[Verse 4] Yo, welcome to the shop called life, a forever finished [?] Regrets are like the stitches, betta do your numbers right
I had to cost a murder loft to shoot heroin
Now I can’t let the [?] in the window staring in
I can’t tell ’em that you need to leave the details
Think I can relate the time of world with the fish scales
Drugged by the money spell, givin’ into pressure
Till you’re roped and tied up and you’re flagged where they left ya
My next customer was consuming with the quickness
Is that flash n’ cash tryna rob my whole business
The risk is tryna find a price for forgiveness
When this punk’s died, I could go live like a rich dick
It’s time to pack up, turn the dose and sign in
With a girl with the rack up and the sugar with the handouts
Hold it with the money on the mind
Have to tell ’em real love in this store you’ll neva find
[Interlude] Come back tomorrow, we open at 6 o’clock
(Ok, see you tomorrow!)

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