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Overdose by Kidcrusher

This pain inside of me is so pure that its hard to ignore
I start to suffocate myself to block out all of my thoughts
I’m waking up to medication fall asleep to medication
Just cant seem to stop my concentration (SHUT UP)

f**k it, I’m sick of myself,
All the bullsh*t keeps on following me
And swallowing me, right after the lobotomy,
There’s nothing left inside of me
I’m just f**king hiding me and trying to numb the pain

Pill after pill after pill everyday
Blowing all my money, so I can liquefy my liver
Blazing up the weed, even though I don’t smoke
Trying sleep but I cant sleep so back to medication

I don’t even know if I want to live or die,
Laying on the floor feeling like I want to fly
So I can see my dad for the very first time
Would he even want to see me? just because I’m that guy

I want to overdose, its just so easy to die
I want to get outside of me, and realy feel alive

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