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Outside The Dream by Rama’s Whisper

With nothing? I am left with nothing.
Since you stole freedom from the birds
You shall see that misery was meant for men.

There I stood one weary morning in the haze
Conjuring with a whisper
A flight away from this prison maze.

I beg to feel and hope to see
The light and color of being free
The fog will lift and then a breeze
To call the birds out of my dreams.

There she stood one misty morning in my head
Tempting my surrender
She heaved a warm sigh and she said

You’re free to wander free to roam
Free to find your elusive home
Be sure to lift your head and seek
The boundless angels of which you speak.

There I stand under the weight of a wicked sky
I’m silenced in the shadows
Of steely birds breathing fire and lies?

With nothing? I am left with nothing?

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