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Once by Parcels

Once I was a man
Stronger than the shelf
Once there was a plan
But one can never tell
Once a mother’s gone
The children raise themselves

Once I was alive
Breathing in the air
Now the more I lie
The less I lose my hair
Now the road is wide
Now the people stare
Waiting open eyed
For once a meaning there

For one can see the light
Underneath the bed
For months there at a time
Believing every thread
And months would flutter by
And fears would all have fled
And it’ll all be fine
At least that’s what you said


I want to buy a house
I want to make a stand
I want to love a girl
I want to love a man
I want to kill the past
I want to stop the sand
I want another chance
But one is all you have

But if once more I could feel
What I felt before
I’d hold it like it’s real
I’d never let it fall
I’d blow up every bridge
I’d build up every wall
And nothing could get in
But nothing could be born


And everything looks nice
Nothing is unwell
But once the fruit of God
Forever live in hell
And once you choose a side
There’s nothing left to win
And once a lover dies
You never love again

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