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Nothing by Alley Boy

Can’t front about a mayhem nigga
On my own, but son, oh, you nifty!
Word on the street but I ain’t sayin’ nothing
These niggas flexin’, I ain’t doin’ nothing

Nothing, nothing, nothing,
I ain’t doing nothing

I tell these lame motherf**kers
I don’t need ’em
If that nigga hate on yo’ b**ch,
Then you don’t need ’em
I’m a nigga that had it all
And still giving
See, we lost a few on the way
We still winning
Prime time, green light
Real money, big faces
Fat b**ches, red bottle,
Old cases, f**k the Feds.
We still trapping on a daily basis
All these niggas hate hard,
Wanna trade places
Some of my brothers even tell me ova
Really, fo, you neva know who yo’ real homies
A friend of me, in my face, I’mma die low
Coming for everythang, the street on


Except the money, I ain’t change nothin’
My squad silent, they ain’t sayn nothin’
Them killers hard coats, but they ain’t seeing nothin’
Dirty shots could set it off at the intersection
Alley Shakur, too much money, got me sleeping happy
Prijects, nigga, shoot and I ain’t fist fightin’
Remember dudes that kill stats and had us all cryn
Nggas ain’t really ride with ya, they just burn time
A time to get new Rovers, new 4 wheels,
Haters dropping soul wavers, acting when we being chill
Everythang I gotta hustle fo’ and grind fo’
You can be a star that you reach for



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