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No Quarter by Jeff Black

I want to thank you for the warning
And to what do I owe this lead
Simple human kindness
Is never lost on me

I suffer some for no reason
I suffer some for the cause
I suffer more for believing in
Something good could come from so much loss

They are calling on me to surrender
But I ain’t likely to fold
All the trees here are turning now
And the wind blows cold
Going to be a long ride back home boys
Through all the trap lines I see
I will show them no quarter
I will not retreat
Pray for my enemy

The first time I ever pulled a pistol
I was weak in spirit and unprepared
I would have died there in the fire fight
If I hadn’t been so god damned scared

I suppose fear is what saved me
I was afraid the devil was going to take my soul
Now with each day passing lord
It gets a little easier to watch them fall

There’s no reward here in waiting
And this vigil is wearing thin
I don’t even know from what I’m fighting for now
And those thoughts will surely do me in

One last breath of your heaven
One last check on my guns
No time to turn my intentions lord
There is no place left on earth I can run

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