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Mind Of War by Rodrigo Aranjuelo

Distant ships are coming
And the sun goes down once more
Wind perspective changes us
Just to justify our war
Keep your dreams and words
It’s a long way boy
We only have each other
Don´t look back
The mist is gonna take our home
This is what we’ve got
Another day is coming
To expose our hearts again
I remember summers
Cotton fields, a dancing dress
Now you can celebrate
You can take it all
I left unlocked the door
Nothing changes in this world
My hometown now is yours
You ́re always gonna be
A mind of war.
And now the snow covers all those days
I wish I could stop the rain for you
Let me try, we can start again
Well I don’t know…
It seems to be silence took it all
Don ́t give up I will fix the wall
We ́re gonna find a place where we belong
If this July don´t take me away from your side.

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