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Magic by J Metro

Trouble, that girls nothing but trouble.
She spends her days and her nights causing nothing but trouble.
And when she dances in the moonlight the heir
The essence of trouble. You know what i’m talking about.
Loving that boys looking for loving and he’ll be spending all his dollars hoping she’ll let him join her coven.
But if she opens up her coven that boy, he’d best just get to running
She’s got the magic she’s got it all, she’s got the power
Hey oh
Mama tried to tell ya watch out there’s gators in the water.
And if you let ’em catch you looking those gators ooh they bite harder.
They’ll lure you with those lies and those eyes and lead you to the slaughter
They want the magic, they want it all, they want the power
Hey oh
Listen when i tell ya i got no need to lie.
They said i didn’t kill ’em but baby what’s my alibi.
Well i guess that uh it’ll just be the ninth wonder of the world or another great mystery until they realize
I’ve got the magic i’ve got it all i’ve got the power.
They never had it not for a day minute or hour.
I’ve got the magic i’ve got it all i’ve got the power.
My love is magic it can inspire or it can devour you

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