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Lucy by Adam Lambert

[Verse 1] She’s off to party with the diamond dogs
From the wrong side of the tracks
Her window’s open anytime she’s home
But now it’s locked up at last
[Pre-Chorus 1] She was bound to break free from the start
Girl got that rebel heart
She’s out to rumble, gonna get it on
There ain’t no stopping her now
[Chorus] Lucy
Run away
Run away-ay-ay-ay
Run away
Run away-ay-ay-ay
Run away
Run away-ay-ay-ay
Lucy, Lucy
Yeah, yeah
[Verse 2] She’s off to sell herself in the city bar
Her jaws are loaded for love
She gon’ get beaten playing with the dark
Innocence under attack
[Pre-Chorus 2] She was bound to be stabbed in the back
All for some fun in the sack
Now she’s alone and got no one to call
Well, no, she ain’t turning back
[Chorus] [Guitar solo] [Bridge] Lucy
Oh, Lucy
Yeah, yeah
Run away
[Chorus x2] Lucy

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