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Like My Weed by Snoop Dogg

Yeah, name one nigga in the hood that play like this

I like my weed (Uh), in the mornin’ (Yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah)
I like my weed (Said I like my weed), my weed, in the noon time
I feel free
I like my weed, in, in the evenin’ (In the evenin’)
Rollin’ it in the evenin’
I like my weed, yeah, when I go to sleep at night (Yeah, yeah)

The world gettin’ sicker everyday, I feel like it’s ’bout to end
‘Bout to end (‘Bout to end)
Mobbin’ through this life, I’m tryin’ to separate the really for real
And pretend (Yeah, yeah)
The smartest niggas always look crazy (Lookin’ crazy)
Everyday a mother lose her baby (Mother lose her baby)
And everyday a baby lose they mama
And we all go to Instagram for drama

I like my weed (Said I like my weed), uh, in the mornin’
Like it in the mornin’
I like my weed, in the noon time
I like my weed, yeah, in the evenin’
I like my weed when I go to sleep at night (Yeah)
Oh, uh-uh

Yeah, dreams of me livin’ lavish
Gotta do great, I can’t do average
I’m well established
You got some weed? Then go on and pass it
Different fabric, you’d be surprised who really actin’
When them lights, camera, flashin’
I ain’t gossipin’ with these birds, I’m on other sh*t
Niggas can’t talk to me stupid, ’cause I’m not that other b**ch
Cautious with who I’m with, thank God I’m talented
I gotta hit a right percent, if you want my masterin’
This time I’m bettin’ on me, and I don’t give a f**k
If I can write these songs in my sleep
I told myself that it’d be over if I have self-esteem
And now I got it, I’m freestylin’ but my style ain’t for free
Just think about it, I do this for the ones in the hood that won’t ever leave it
You can see this product from Richmond and believe it
Long as it’s good, gon’ do what you wanna
My mom and dad know, so I ain’t scared to smoke my marijuana, yeah

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Smokin’ on a lunch break
At night, at night, at night, when my thoughts come, yeah

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