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Let Me Come Home by Tiffany Hulse

[Verse 1] Sometimes you don’t need a terrible thing,
To show you what’s right or what’s wrong.
Some sail to the ends of the earth just to be.
Oh, how the weather has calmed.
[Chorus] Like the migrating fish, that swims in the sea,
Oh, how I try to get home.
Like a rudder that’s bent, I guess it’s not meant.
My ship sails won’t let me come home.
No, my ship sails won’t let me come home.
[Verse 2] Remember that day in the cave on the beach,
Where nothing could ever go wrong.
The words that were said, oh, the times that we had.
Where has the time all gone?
[Chorus] [Instrumental] [Verse 3] Soon we will pass like ships in the night.
Never to be seen again.
But some day we will meet, rendezvous on the beach.
Two ships will sail in the end.
[Chorus] [Chorus]

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