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Last Time I Saw Ollie by Paul Austin Kelly

Ollie is my puppy’s name??he’s made of cloth and stuffed with foam.
He’s a rambling dog and oh, so hard to find!
??Mum,? I say, ??I can’t find Ollie!
I’ve his dinner and he’s late!?
??Well, the last time I saw Ollie
He was by the garden gate.?
Ollie often plays a game of hide and seek when he gets bored.
He’s a clever dog and knows just where to hide!
??Mum,? I say, ??have you seen Ollie?
Now he’s hid himself from me!?
??Well, the last time I saw Ollie
He was in the beechnut tree.?
Ollie sometimes likes some time and space to be all by himself.
He’s a pensive dog and needs his privacy.
??Mum,? I call, ??I’m short one Ollie!
And it’s nearly time for bed!?
??Well, the last time I saw Ollie
He was in the old tool shed.?
Ollie has a silly way of making accidents occur.
He’s a clumsy dog, I can’t keep him in line.
??Mum,? I say, ??the fault was Ollie’s,
I am not the one to blame!?
??Well, the next time I see Ollie
I’ll say he should be ashamed!?
Ollie often spends his nights with me all cozy in my bed.
He’s a cuddly dog when we’re tucked up real tight.
??Mum,? I say, ??I love my Ollie,?
As the Sandman comes in sight.
But my Mum just kisses both of us
And then turns out the light.

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