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Kings by Village Of Pharaohs

So when a child is born
Another child is born
You respect me when you ain’t 1986
I was born with 6 pounds,I gave my momma’

..and my dad had 2,mom talking scheme
Every day seemed like a nightmare
Not a dream
So much drama I could sleep through a screen
‘I was 10 years old
Still immune to my customs
The biggest lesson every day
But I got mine
Dad says hoes have heavy weight
Anyway I’m grown up
Been in bad relationships
Had my heart broken
Had my heart sold up
I’m all grown up
I’m on tour,I’m my entrepreneur
You rest to death when I was poor
What you’re laughing for?
Cause I dress the best?
And my shirt is pressed
And my teeth are clean?
But I leat I got the decency
To serve God for real
And stay ‘
So I saved my soul
Or I might be lost
Been down to hell,hell forever
We were going together
But we are burning alone
‘I see the light now
So I wanna do it again

I what you came for
‘So if we work hoe
I don’t really know
’till I got the age I was in the’
Trying to figure ways to get paid
And then get laid
I had dreams to hit the MBA
Smoking ‘
11th grade took the turn for the worst
When I woke in a play
You see me smiling ,b**ch
But I was feeling pain
I went insane
Filling a life when I entered the game
Always said I would be the best
A fine guy
But I always find myself
Sacrificing my parents
‘To see what money they have left
So I left money promises
They still had marriage because of money
So I blamed it on myself
So I blamed it on myself
So I blamed it on myself

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But I started composing my song
And I felt life is unlimited
And I couldn’t be wrong’
My purpose in life is money and politics
We’re talking about some bad fish
We’re talking about some bad fish
Talking about some bad fish

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