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Jockin by Killer Mike

[Intro:] Welcome to the Church of the Good Thief (preach, Reverend!)
Today we will be studying the tenth commandments (tell em, Reverend!)
Thou shall not covet thou neighbor! (thou shall not covet)
Translated (amen) stay off the next man’s dick (hoe)
Thouth sayeth the Lord
Collection plate please! Amen
[Verse:] Psa for all ya motherstuckers
Upgrade you from dick riders to dick suckers
Blow jaw betty rap ass bitters
Jay don’t write then y’all not writers
Only difference is jigga jigga makes sense
The niggery sh*t you kicked don’t mean sh*t
Goddamn, hoe, rappers want yo fame!
Goddamn, hoe, rappers want yo name
Goddamn, hoe, rappers want yo lane
But like ya said, hoe, these rappers is lame
Yeah, I said that sh*t, half yo favorite rappers on Jay Z dick
Even niggas don’t like em are tempt to w(r)hap like em
Where I’m from, we call em niggas bitters
They say they hate his guts, but they be riddin’ n***a dick like project sl*ts
(Hook x4)
Jockin’ Jay Z
Jockin’ Jay Z
Jockin’ Jay Z
Jockin’ Jay Z
[Interlude:] Man, I’m just, I’m a country boy, what the f**k I know?
It’s just where I’m from, we don’t ride another’s dick
But I’m likin’ it, ya know, my favorite rapper
I’m just not a dick rider
(I’m so dopeboy fresh)
[Verse 2:] In a feeble attempt to sound more like Jay
These feeble emcees go and get Kanye
Before that he don’t make a moval pay
Cuz that damnear say make me sound like Jay
When they add lip they say what would Jay say?
Holla! You’re bout 5 years late
To the rappers who’s wordplay ain’t so great
They try to score easy and bite Young Jeezy
But they? Lips sound cheesy
So they hop off his dick and bite Lil Weezy
That’s a goddamn shame, Lord have mercy on the goddamn game
Bittin’ ass rappers so goddamn lame
They even walk away with fake Rockerfella chains
I guess they wanna be the hottest chick in the game
(Hook x4)
Jockin’ Jay Z
Jockin’ Jay Z
Jockin’ Jay Z
Jockin’ Jay Z
[Interlude:] Aw, watch out, boys
Faggot ass rappers
Keep bittin’ yo mane (lead that woman in fo’ the lord)
You from the south, girl (tell em, girl)
Tell em hoe ass niggas to bear a cup off yo man
You bittin’ ass niggas
[Verse 3:] Beat bitters, don’t stop takers
Take it to yo face, you ain’t nothin’ but a faker
Faker than yo fake ass jacker
Faker than yo fake lines in yo fake rhymes
But in the meantime Killa Kill gon’ beat yo ass anotha killa rhyme
Like Reservoir Dogs in bc Time and Sauss Money Time
Put me next to Jay-Z, ain’t trippin’
My verses go hard like Donald B pimpin’
All the bds best rappers talk trash
When they feature J he owns their ass
Befo’ you throw yo hate on yo internet fans
Check Bluepoint 2, my verse, Pop Tags
[Interlude:] I been standin’ next to the greatest
Been there

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