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Iridescent by Silent Planet

They’re gonna come for us…
To make us pure as bleach and permanent
Sterile as the sheets under watchful filaments
That won’t go out
And if you felt a flickering that was just my doubt
I found no space for faith between
The rise and fall of your heart on LCD’s
Formaldehyde, I’m dying inside –
Once brave now petrified
We watched the veil descend again
As wires were grafted into your skin
Intubated, you spoke with your eyes
The burning stare that kept me alive
Now calls to me – to let you collapse
I brace for the end as we fade to black

When the hospital dissolves and every storm reaches resolve
I’ll find you there, past the fog: Iridescent
As the moon waved her goodbyes I saw you in a thousand lights
Eternity, in a moment: Iridescent

So pull me back through the nightmare
I’d rather be fragile than forever alone
So pull me back through the nightmare
I’d rather be fragile than forever – live forever – alone
How can I be strong enough to let you go?

Burning through a patchwork sky you left on chariots of fire
I only know that you will go where only love can bring you home

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