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Intro by D-Block Europe

I can get you what you like
You just place your order
Ima send it on a bike
So many watches that it’s so hard to decide
In Hatton garden pouring mud up in my Sprite
These diamonds really bright
I’m standing on my wrongs
Real street nigga, darling this is not a song
All my niggas rich, hit a zig it’s really long
Robbed half the hood so it’s awkward where I’m from
This is not a song

Young lit nigga rocking Gucci in the bando
And I’m telling them to hurry up and buy it
Whippin in Lewisham smelling like Maria’s kitchen
You can get it while it’s wet or when it’s dry, yeah
He had no heart but he had pride yeah
Fast forward, long story yeah he died, yeah
Tell my lady to follow me on a drive, yeah
Gotta live my dream, I done lived a nightmare

Sweet, shopping in the galleries for 39 feet
Niggas in their feelings writing 39 tweets
Like the boy 29 really living like a
29 really living like a G
Gave 50 to my jeweller then I put it on my tee
Talking to my mother while I sip a cup of tea
Spill juice, sip tea told my nigga spill juice, sip tea

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Young lit nigga living all well, yeah
Beezo 12 oclock on one wheel, yeah
He’s acting like we gone but we still
Don’t think that we won’t but we still will
f**k the money, DBE still real
And we still real

Molly world had me like a geek
Popping tags, straight cash I barely keep receipts
f**king with a real nigga catch up baby please
Nigga talking out his mouth and got some ketchup on his tee
Me and K sitting for a minute
Tryna figure out how we gonna f**king fit this hammer in his jeans
We don’t need to talk if we establish that it’s beef
Picking all these rappers like it’s cabbage in my teeth

DBE Home Alone its the tidal wave
Rollie full of stones for the time of day
I bought her crypto bought her YSA
She used to work for the stars now she mine to stay
Bought my nigga 5 pounds so his line was [?] Got my nigga till he’s out to the side I say
Used to bag a whole key now it’s 1/5th each
If they wanna hear a key today

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