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I’m Torn Up by St. Paul and The Broken Bones

Hello sweetheart
How’s the love going now-a-days
Did you find that true love
That one that, that made you stay
And I know that you feel so good
And I know that you feel so right
But I just got to tell you
I know you miss me
I know you miss me late at night
And I’m torn up

Is he standing right next to you
Listening to this sweet song?
Could you please tell him
That you did him wrong

But I
I can do it no harm
You got lost in my charms
I know I know that you love me
And I can love you too
You just got to step on up
Step on up
You just got to try

You know that I’m torn up
You know

You know
You know
Is he standing right there
Please tell him this is your song

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