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Idi Ebube by Austine Myke

Verse 1:
You are the reason, I Live today… You gave me Life, & forgave My Sins…
You are a Father to Me,
You took away my Pains and
Sorrows, without You Oh Lord My God, I would have been Dead,
Your Love has Kept Me On,
Oh, Oh, Oh…
Idi Ebube, Imara Mma, Idi
Ebube Odiighi Onye dika gi… (2X)
Verse 2:
You are the Lord, The Lover of My Soul, You are My Life, The Air that I
Breath each Day,
You are The King of Heaven and Earth, That’s Why We Sing Your Praise Lord,
Your are The One who Ever Lives,
The Alpha and Omega…
I wanna give You Thanks,
Praise Your Name and Lift You High,
You are The Lover:
The Lover Of My Soul…
What can I do, What Can I give, What CaN I say to Please You?
I will lift My Voice and Sing,
To Jehova Lord…
Ihe niile Ikere eke,
N’akpo Isi ala Nye gi,
Ha na asi eee, Idi Mma…
Okwa Gi mere Onye Isi hu Uzo Jehova,
Imere Onye Ogbu Kwuonu Okwu Eze…
Agam eburu Ekele m, Buru Otito ma butere
Itogbuola M oo, Itogbuola m O Chukwu, Agam Enye gi Ekele, Aga m Ebuli Aha
Gi Elu…
OnyeOma m eee…
Imara mma Jehovah… ,

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