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I Let ’em Know by Young MC

Now I have won 1 million battles, take MCs, round ’em up like cattle.
Grant em and then I lock em up in a pen
and if they want another try then I will do it again.
Because my name is Young MC and rockin’ a mic is my craft.
But when I first started everyone just laughed
’cause I got rocked ‘n rolled, left out in the cold,
cause I was tryin’ to battle men when I was ten years old.
But time went by and I got wise,
and every time I did a party, well I opened my eyes.
until now ya see before, the guy who won’t ignore ya,
won’t be talkin’ about the girlies, like I read on Latoya
See I am just that kind of fella,
sometimes rough, most other time mellow.
Gather a crowd when I start rappin’ out loud,
and I am here to rock a party, that’s what I vowed.
So, just like Clark Kent is into Superman,
I become a super hero when the mic’s in my hand.
‘Cause I am hard to swallow, a tough act to follow.
I’m solid straight thru while the others are hollow.
‘Cause I been rockin’ parties since I was a child.
And every time place that I went, I made the crowd go wild.
It wasn’t hard for me to do it, there was really nothing to it,
and not once did I hear someone say, yo Young MC ya blew it.
So listen party people I got something to say,
I guess I’m just like Burger King, because you have it your way.
You know it makes me delighted to think that I’m a rhymin’ writer,
So next time I have a party, I’ll make sure that your invited.
The jam of the year, I’ll hold it right here.
And after all is said and done, I like to make it quite clear,
that I came here tonight to have some fun, my name is Young MC,
backwards it’s MC Young. I let ’em know.

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I let ’em know.

Now, one an’ one is two and two an’ two make four.
My name is Young, I rock the house, we’re talkin’ rhymes galore.
It doesn’t matter who you are, or who you want to be,
you’ll never ever rock as nasty as the Young MC.
So now darlin’, darlin’ come and see my show.
You want a ticket then I get you one in the front row.
And you can bring a friend, yes a girl perhaps,
and when the show is over, come sit on my lap.
Because you can’t resist me, neither can your friend.
It starts in the beginnin’ finishes up at the end.
And all these others come around and swear they’re better than me,
when they can’t even deal with the Young MC.
I mean they think they in command, but they’re out of control,
they think that they’re out of jail, they’re only on parole.
They think they’re walkin’ on water when they’re on a jet ski.
They think they hot on the mic, they ain’t as hot as me.
They think they flyin’ through the air, when they on a plane.
They think they have a sound mind, when they goin’ insane.
They think they lyin’ on the beach, when there ain’t no sand.
They think that they the freshest rapper, they ain’t heard the man.
So let me tell you party people this is how it goes,
I am the one you listen to, ’cause I’m the one you choose.
And if you think they competition, they can deal with me.
Here is my number, call the house, the name is Young MC.
I let ’em know.

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You know what I’m sayin’?
I let ’em know.

Break it down.

They said a boy is a boy and a girl is a girl,
and Young MC, he is a rapper ready to rock world.
I am a man with a skill, of a duty to fulfill,
of party goers every which without the need to get ill.
No need to scream and to shout, ’cause that’s not what I’m about,
‘Cause I’m a man who’s rockin’ the jams, to this there is no doubt.
Continuing with my tale, to never flop or to fail,
be good to you just like a discount at a one day sale.
I’m not a criminal or hood, neither the riff or raff.
If every rapper was a comic, I’d be makin’ you laugh.
If every rapper was a worker, I’d be chief of the staff.
And on a scale of one to ten, I am a ten and a half.
If every rapper was a lion, I’d be king of the beast.
If every rapper was a cop, I’d be chief of police.
If every rapper was a solder, I would be Rambo.
If every rapper was Hawaiian, I would be Don Ho.
You’re a fish who’s out of water, I’m a great white shark.
I’m a healthy burst of lightin’, you’re a shot in the dark.
I’m a law abidin’ citizen, you’re breakin’ the laws.
And I’m a man who’s almost perfect, you’re filled with flaws.
This is not exaggeration, this is straight up truth.
Rap is to me what good sex is to Dr. Ruth.
Rap is just like sex ’cause I’m aimin’ to please.
But when you’re listenin’ to my rhyme, you’ll never catch a disease.
Now like a man once said, when you’re slow ya blow.
To prevent against this I’m always good to go.
Never ever frontin’ moves, I’m makin’ sure of stuff.
And when the mic is in my hand, that’s when the stuff get r-r-r-rough.
‘Cause I’m a man who’s on a mission and I’m not done yet.
‘Cause this is rougher then the roughest of the rough stuff yet.
I make noise like a smoke detector when there’s smoke
and I’m good to go, so now you know the Young MC’s no joke.
I let em know.

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Word em up, I let em know.

Dare it is.

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