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I Guess I’m Leaving by Exploration

You are breathing for us now.
Leave your life here behind.
You will never come back home.
No sir, never again.
You can open your eyes now.
Feel my hand on your back.
They say its time that I leave.
I say I’m sorry for this.
The rest of the flag
As I seem to find (does not seem to fly?)
The power that lies
Through the rest of these lives.
We are biting the hand that has billed us debris.
In these times it’s the people like you that we need.
Bury the past, your future is ours.
Forget any memories that you thought were yours.
Get on the boat, it’s time we set sail.
If we wait any longer, no doubt we will fail!
Don’t ever forget me, cause I wont forget you.
Hold on to the times that we had;
When we were young and in love
Without a care, your hand on my shoulder
As we sat on the porch; my hand inside yours.
Inside, this is why we only grew older.
It only got colder,
Until all the fires and burning desires for you and for us
Smolder (as more?), are failing to be.
Under the tree, it’s easy to see
That you really want this as much as I do.
I will love you until the day that I die
And fall away. I’ll be here, to catch every tear
That falls from your face. Keeping em calling,
I’ll never be gone, no matter how long
It has been since you have seen
My spirit- is the wind!
I’m sorry! So sorry I’m leaving.
I’m sorry! So sorry I’m lea-ving
I’m sorry! So sorry I’m leaving
I’m sorry! (I’m sorry)

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