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How Come? by Me and that Man

We don’t need those stars anymore
Every man and woman is one, down to Earth and electrified
And Odin’s ravens will keep their watch for the shore
But a foolish bird chose the wrong way of flight
And I can see my friends dancing on a guillotine
Stomping wooden desks in those stupid soulless shoes
So c’mon you Pip Boy, shake your tambourine!
We’re going home, to drive away your blues!

Oh, Lord!
How come?
We’re going home!
My dad and my mom
I’m not alone

We don’t need this blood and wars anymore
We just want the new stuff with no chance of disease
And I was looking for another, fresh as the morning dew
But they’ve poured me wine with lies of being the blood of Jesus
I love the silk on the white hips of my wife
She’s just always tired of being loved by the Devil
Blow your trumpets, Gabriel!
Call partners for this crime!
‘Cause night will end so soon
Sing this song to farewell our brother moon!

Oh, Lord!
How come?
We’re going home!
My wife and my son
I’m not alone

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