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House On Da Hill by Doughboyz Cashout

Stack yo’ chips
Get yo’ paper
If nigga snitch,
Cut ’em off like a table

Tryna be the man
And tryna be the presidents
Tryna cop a Benz, 600 LS limousine
Go, President represent a mad man
Since ten I been looking out for Ray’s van
Tryna win, yeah, I see it on the Rover
Got a wif for the good life when I sold smth
And my city, it’s a whole different territory
Round here, getting money is just mandatory
Since 90′, I had a gang of niggas sellin’ for me
That’s why I’m 25, feelin’ like I’m pushing 40
Doing big, f**k all the small thangs
f**k the pair of true team jeans in my ball mates
And I’m ’bout the wargame, I cook a lil’ scrib
I want a skydweller and a house on the hill!

(Hook 2x)
I need a house n the hill and a Rolex watch
Live my life like a boss and still get love on the block
A couple of friendships is lost on my way to the top
See, that’s the way the thang go, nigga, sh*t don’t stop

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