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Home (for Jenin) by Doc Jazz

Desolately looking at what once was home
And wondering why it had to go
The little girl swallows her tears
Yesterday the soldiers came
Took everything she had away
Nothing left to live off but her fears
This crazy world is letting
The culprits get away
Refugees in their own land
Deported by a savage hand
And thrown into famine and despair
But around her neck the front door keys
Will keep alive the memories
Returning home is now her only care
And now she still remembers
How daddy used to say
Home is always in your heart
They can’t take that away
Be strong, even when life gets rough
And nothing seems to go your way
Someday, justice will overcome
Their lies will fall apart
But till then let home live in your heart
Nightmares from the screams at night
Are keeping her from sleeping tight
Images of fire, blood and tears
The occupation is a crime
Defenseless people terrified
As desperation grows throughout the years
Resisting occupation
Is the only thing to do
Whatever happened in Jenin
Was deliberately kept unseen
A shameless crime was covered up in veils
But as time goes by we won’t forget
The truth will be uncovered yet
As long as we are there to tell the tale

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