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He Ain’t Country by Claude King

He ain’t country
Rock and roll singer
That’s what I used to be
Then I heard some country music
And it got a hold on me
So I went and listened
To a good ole country band
And I sang me a country song
‘Bout a woman leaving a man
Put my guitar down
And I turned to walk away
When walking from the band stand
I heard someone say
[Chorus:] He ain’t country
He wasn’t there with us
He wasn’t there when them goin’ got rough
He ain’t country
Don’t remember him
He didn’t eat them beans
And wear them jeans
He didn’t pick and grin with us
I went to my record shop
And I know what I must do
By some record made by Hank
And listen for a month or two
Then I bought a guitar
And I practiced day and night
Then I headed out for Nashville
Everything gonna be alright
There I sang my country song
Happy as can be
Then I heard somebody say
This boy don’t look country to me
[Chorus] Well then my country record
Become a great big hit
And I’m traveling all over the country
Given them girls a fit
Met a rock and roller
He sat in with my band
He said he wants to be country
And to be just like I am
He broke down his guitar
And turned to walk away
I turned to the band
I had to grin at what i had to say

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