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Hashbrowns by Conrad Bunce

I don’t like hashbrowns (x16)
Hashbrowns are made of tots, but I never
Said i like them alots
Refridgerators are capri sun
Honey tastes like veggies because
Conrad doesn’t like veggies sooo
Ppph ph php ph
I don’t like hashbrowns (x16)
I don’t know ask the crouton!
Ok here we go
Happy 2016 i mean 2015
Alright I ran out of ink
So i cant print a picture of my face
Oh om uh
I vnskj I like mac and cheese
Omg hook omg hook omg hook
Omg here comes the hook
Omg hook omg hook
Here comes the hook
I dont like hashbrowns (x16)
Thats whats up

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