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H.E.R. by Veva

Verse 1
Oh I’m such a lady
But now I wanna get freaky
I’m feeling naughty (Am I crazy?)
I just wanna be bad
Pass me my glass
The fangs are coming out tonight
Who am I gonna bite
It’s killing me
So hard to breathe
I can feel the beat
It takes control of me
When the sun goes down and the music starts playing
You just wanna dance and you can’t stop the craving
She is a monster I can’t control her
H – My Hips
E – Emotion
R – The Rhythm
All the parts of her
H – My Hips
E – Emotion
R – The Rhythm
All the parts of her
I just wanna touch and feel somebody
Feel somebody feel somebody
I just wanna touch and feel somebody
Feel somebody
Verse 2
Oh everybody wanna tame me
But they just cannot cage me
You can’t hold me back
(The good girl didn’t last)
Creep up from behind me
Hands all over my body
I can feel your breath
When you press on me
The girl you knew is gone
The urge is just too strong
This feels so good how could it be wrong
When the music gets inside (It takes over you)
(You might as well just give in)
Let go ’cause nothing can save you from the night (there’s nothing you can do)
(Just release your inhibitions)
I just wanna touch and feel somebody 2X
I’m not always like this
But I like it
Yes I like it 2X
I don’t know what’s gotten into me
But I just gotta
Let Go
H is for the hips that you wanna touch
E that feeling when you just can’t get enough
R because you know that we can do it rough
When the good is bad and the bad is good
It’s all about her
She’s a monster
Chorus 2X
When the music takes control
You can’t help it
Just let go


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